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Saturday, December 10, 2011

List of trophies and it's rewards.

LIMITED BREEDABLES TROPHIES (click on the fish name to see it)

A Deadly Pair (breed Scorpion Fish with Trigger Fish – 10 hybrids) : reward – 10 bucks

Angel Fish Trio (breed Keyhole Angelfish with Koran Angelfish and Lemon Peel Angelfish – 15 hybrids) : reward – 10 bucks

Corals & Ornates (breed Ornate Cowfish with Coral Hawk Fish – 10 hybrids) : reward - Sea Star Orange (fish)

Dancing Cardinals (breed Banggai Cardinalfish with Spotted Cardinalfish – 10 hybrids) : reward - 10 bucks

Emperor Trophy (breed Tattlers Basslet with Conspicilatus Angel – 10 hybrids) : reward - 10 bucks

Exotic Trios (breed Miniatus Grouper with Narrow Lined Puffer and and French Angel Fish – 15 hybrids) : reward - 10 bucks

Feast of color (breed Australian Wrasse with Altum Angel and Ventralis Anthias – 15 hybrids) : reward - 10 bucks

Flame Trophy (breed Klunzingers Wrasse with Flame Angel – 10 hybrids) : reward - 10 bucks

Giant Clown Jelly fish (breed Giant Jelly Fish with Clown Jelly Fish – 5 hybrids) : reward - 10 bucks

Goby Trophy (breed Black Barred Convict Goby with Catalina Goby – 10 hybrids) : reward – 10 bucks

Mahi Clown Fish (breed Mahi Mahi Fish with Clown Knife Fish – 10 hybrids) : reward - 1000 coins

Oriental Sweetlips & Ramirezi (breed Oriental Sweetlips with Long Finned Ramirezi – 10 hybrids) : reward - Crocodile Dragon Fish (fish)

Partying with the Gouramis (breed Golden Gourami Fish with Pearl Gourami Fish – 10 hybrids) : reward - 5 bucks

Pleco Ram Trophy (breed German Ram with Gigas Pleco and Giant Spiney Devil – 15 hybrids) : reward – 10 bucks

Precious Trios (breed Jewel Lyretail Anthias with Bandit Angel and Coral Hogfish – 15 hybrids) : reward - 10 bucks

Rasbora Trophy (breed Harlequin Rasbora with Emerald Eye Rasbora and Blue Alexrod Rasbora – 15 hybrids) : reward – 10 bucks

Red & Yellow Parrots (breed Red Parrot Fish with Yellow Parrot Fish – 5 hybrids) : reward - 150 xp

Sharpnose Badis Fish (breed Sharpnose Wrasse with Badis Badis – 10 hybrids) : reward - 1000 coins

Sunburst Trophy (breed Sunburst Anthias with Yelloweye Rockfish – 10 hybrids) : reward - 10 bucks

Tiger Tinkeri (breed Tigerpyge Hybrid with Baby Tinkeri – 10 hybrids) : reward - 10 bucks

Velvet Trophy (breed Velvet Damsel with Lunula Trigger – 10 hybrids) : reward - 10 bucks

Walrus & Beluga (breed Walrus with Beluga – 5 hybrids) : reward - 10 bucks


Save the endangered species (collect : Salamander, King Penguin, Manatee, Baby Seal, Mermaid, Merman, Walrus and Beluga) : reward - Sea Lion (fish)

Sparkling Star Fish (collect : Sparkling Starfish Blue, Sparkling Starfish Green, Sparkling Starfish Pink, Sparkling Starfish Red) : reward - Glowing Mushroom (decoration)

Tropical Sea Life (collect : Zebra Danio, Orange Glass Fish, Green Glass Fish, Yellow Glass Fish, Blue Ring Angel, Porcupine Fish) : reward - Hermit Crab (fish)


Those which remain available give you 10 bucks as reward (there is no way to get past event fishes and breed them, you can get event fishes only during apropriate event but you can continue to breed them even after the event is fisnish), except for save the otters trophy which unlocking mini-games (as for breedables trophies).


Every completed trophy give you chance to play mini-games. You can win xp, coins, bucks or have a very bad luck and get nothing at all (you opening 3 treasures box out of 10 available, rewards from those treasure boxes cumulate for your total reward from mini-game).

For an updated list go here

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work. Ive followed you a long time. Just appriciate it :)

  2. Unfortunately I have no internet most of the time, so it is difficult to keep up with all these limited breedables. Andy

  3. Eureka, finally found what I need. Now, I can concentrate on breeding those that would reward fish bucks. Thank you Andy :)

  4. Actually is Agata to whom you should thank, she's the one who worked on the list and posted it, I've just updated the links

  5. It's OUR work Andy. Then no matter to whom "thank you" is going :)

  6. Is it possible to breed again & earn Trophy FB $ again?

  7. how can I breed from trophies that expired since when I downloaded tap fish2 had already expired.




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